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Do you know that feeling?

When there is a tangible connection between the audience and the artist, this huge vibe that happens when the artist sends out energy that the audience picks up on, amplifies, and sends back? This huge cycle of positive madness? This Fire that exists between us…

My guess is you do know that feeling. I sure do, and I know Fire does. In one of our first conversations, before I even called him Fire, he told me about this feeling. He told me about going to see Underworld, he told me about teaching drums to kids with autism. He told me about producing HipHop beats, playing the drums in a Punkrock n’Roll band and he told me about Technics turntables in dusty attics.

Now I always knew this was one musical kid but man since we decided to call him Fire he decided to make that name mean something.
This guy produces, DJ’s, does hybrid live sets and frequents radio shows, sometimes to speak his mind but mostly to be silent and let the music do the talking. We found him at more and more festivals these years besides his usual late-night sets at various underground clubs in Utrecht and Amsterdam.

“Bitonal Creatures” (StoKed, Fire bewteen us – CODEX Recordings) hit the Beatport Techno Top 100 early 2021 and stayed there for a full month. Fire’s other collab with StoKed, “Girl With the Red Hair” (IAMT) rocked the charts late 2020, and before that Fire between us, Kepp – Angelic System (Minitech Recordings) was up there for a full month early summer.
As part of the Minitech Recordings team you can find Fire between us frequenting their label nights and releasing on the label.

Fire between us is Techno. Wonderful, up-tempo solid techno full of emotion. Techno that never gets dull or boring, but rather plays with your mood and leaves you exhausted and energized at the same time.


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Fire between us, StoKed – Bitonal Creatures

CODEX Recordings – 2021-01-22
On release:
Bitonal Creatures EP – CODEX Recordings – 2021-01-22

StoKed ft. Fire between us – Girl with the Red Hair

IAMT – 2020-08-14
On release:
Girl With The Red Hair EP – IAMT – 2020-08-14

Fire between us & Kepp – Angelic System

Minitech Recordings – 2020-07-10
On compilation:
HOT Vol.3 – Minitech Recordings – 2020-07-10

Fire between us & Kepp – Sinners

Minitech Recordings – 2019-10-10
On compilation:
ADE 2019 – Minitech Recordings – 2019-10-10

Fire between us – If Only The Devil Would Care

Minitech Recordings – 2019-07-23
On compilation:
HOT Vol. 2 – Minitech Recordings – 2019-07-23

Fire between us – Endeavour

Consistent Records – 2018-10-08
On compilation:
Consistent Records ADE Sampler 2018

Fire between us – Regendans

Minitech Recordings – 2018-07-10
On compilation:
HOT Vol. 1 – Minitech Recordings – 2018-07-10

Abyssvm – Steigend (Full on Funk, Fire between us REMIX)

Boiler Underground Records  – 2018-07-02

Fire between us – Daydream

First Impression – 2017-05-06
On compilations:
Summer Slices of Techhouse – South London Recordings – 2017-06-09
Amsterdam After Hours – Feiyr – 2017-06-23

Fire between us – Genesis

First Impression – 2017-05-24

Fire between us – Quasar

Baroque Records – 2017-06-09
On compilations:
Multi Media Vol.22 – Baroque Records – 2017-06-09

Fire between us – Apoapsis

Donkey Records – 2017-06-12

INEKE – Second Circus (Fire between us REMIX)

ADRO Records – 2017-04-11

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Paradiso Amsterdam – bookings include: MTR Label night, KEIHARD

Paradiso Noord Amsterdam (Tolhuistuin) – MTR Label nights in 2018, 2019 and 2020

JACK Amsterdam – ELEMENT TECHNO PLAYGROUND 2019 [ Loco & Jam | Fire between us | Bass Collectors | Full On Funk ]

MANTIS Festival 2019

Minitech Recordings Unofficial Lovelands Festival 2018 Afterparty – Club John Doe Amsterdam

Play! Festival 2018 & 2020

Burning Man Netherlands – Where the Sheep Sleep 2017 & 2018

Mutesounds 2015, 2016, 2017, 2018, 2019

Betoeterd Festival 2017 (BE)


Beyond Festival 2016

Hoogzomer Festival 2016 & 2017

For a full list of upcoming and past bookings, go to Upcoming Shows

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